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The tour starts in Soultz-sous-Forêts, which is full of religious buildings: an 18th-century Protestant presbytery, the 15th-century church of the Barons of Fleckenstein, and an 18th-century calvary. Go up to Lobsann, where there are some beautiful balance wells. Continue your ascent to the 18th-century vineyard guard house in Lampertsloch, the highest point on this route. Descend to Preuschdorf where there are old oil and grain mills. A little further on, in Dieffenbach-les-Woerth, you will see a monument to the first oil drilling. In Oberdorf-Spachbach there is a beautiful wash house. The tour then leads you to the municipality of Morsbronn-les-Bains, known for its thermal baths, and to Durrenbach where there are many traditional houses. The route then leads you to Biblisheim, where there are some beautiful tombstones. In Surbourg you can visit an old collegiate church dating from the 11th century, and then head for the village of Hoelschloch. Then you reach Merkwiller-Pechelbronn. Do not hesitate to visit the French Petroleum Museum and the Pumps. The region of Pechelbronn was known since the end of the Middle Ages for its oil with curative virtues and benefits from an important industrial development in the middle of the 18th century. The Museum presents the history of the first oil exploitation site in Europe until the closure of the refinery in 1970. Continuing the route, you come to Oberkutzenhausen where the Chapel of Peace stands. In Kutzenhausen, the Maison Rurale de l'Outre-Forêt is located. This former fortified farm of the Barons of Fleckenstein now houses a museum of rural life. Then head for Soultz-sous-Forêts.
  • Departure : Morsbronn-les-Bains
  • Arrival : Morsbronn-les-Bains
  • Towns crossed : Biblisheim, Dieffenbach-lès-Wœrth, Durrenbach, Gunstett, Kutzenhausen, Lampertsloch, Lobsann, Merkwiller-Pechelbronn, Morsbronn-les-Bains, Oberdorf-Spachbach, Preuschdorf, Soultz-sous-Forêts, Surbourg, Walbourg, and Wœrth


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